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Monday, 16 May 2016

Lifestyle of Lahaulis Peoples in Himachal Pardesh.

 About Lifestyle .

Lahaulies peoples.
The lifestyle of the Lahauli and Spiti Bhotia are alike, due to their nearness.Polyandry was extensively skillful by the Lahaulis in the history, though this do has been disappearing out. The Spiti Bhutia do not usually do polyandry any more, though it is conventional in a few remote region. divorce are talented by a easy rite perform in the attendance of township elder. Divorce can be required by also associate. The husband has to pay recompense to his ex-wife if she does not remarry. Though, this is rare in the middle of the Lahaulis. Farming is the major basis of living. Potato agricultural is ordinary. occupation comprise animal husbandry, working in administration program, administration armed forces, and additional business and craft that comprise weave. Houses are construct in the Tibetan architectural method, as the earth in Lahul and Spiti is hilly and fairly flat to earthquakes.


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