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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Places of Intrest in Karsog Valley.

About Karsog.

Karsog land Of Temple.
Karsog, a Sub Division of Mandi District is located an height of 2100 Mtr., Karsog is a earth of confidence, forests and lush fields. picturesque loveliness, reasonable type of weather approximately about the year make it all period traveler purpose. Karsog is at an height of 2100 Mtr. is a bowl wrought valley having lush land bounded by forest enclosed hills is holy with unparallel picturesque attractiveness.

Places of Intrest in Karsog Valley.

Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple. 

Gauri Shankar Temple.In the very old Mamleshwar Mahadev temple in Mamel, Gauri-Shankar can be seen session on lotus. The two Pagoda method temples in this multifaceted have intricate wooden carvings. An old cord obtainable in the temple having width about 4 inch was used for human give up recognized as Bhunda. A drum complete of a bush stalk nearby recognized as Bhekhal and a grain of wheat weighing 250 grams   displayed in the temple are astonishing.
appearance of a figure of Shivlingas in this excavations in this current history near the temple and survival of stone statues of Shiv and Vishnu in this temple indicates that a Shikhra method stone temple existed here previous. The temple is also to Bhrigu Rishi and Lord Parshuram.

Kamaksha Devi Temple.

Kamaksha Devi Mata.
 In the valley itself and concerning 8 Km absent from Karsog temple of Kamaksha Devi is located in vill. Kao. According to Puranas the temple was recognized by Lord Parshuram. The Pagoda method temple is well-known for its wood statue and is said to be enthused by the Devi to the Carpenter herself. The Goddess is personification of Mahishasurmardini and there was do of Buffalo give up in the temple till current past.

Mahamaya Bhuneshwari temple.

Bhuneshwari Temple.Located at a place named Pangna which is concerning 24 Km from  Karsog on Karsog-Mandi road. Pangna was the assets of old Suket State and is also connected to Pandavas who, it is said, have exhausted their time there throughout banish. The temple is in the form of  a fort having six stories and a height of 52 feet. For this cause the temple is also recognized as Devi Kot.

Mool (Original) Mahunag temple.

Mahunag Temple.
Located at Bakhari at an altitude of 1850 Mtr. And is 24 Km from Karsog towards Shimla. The temple was built in 14-15th century. Mahunag is supposed to be personification of Karan of Mahabharata. The nag devta is worshiped all over the State  and its temples live all in excess of Himachal Pradesh.   The citizens of Karsog area adoration Shiv, Shakti and Nags and for that reason temples are establish in approximately every village of the valley. Nag Sunani temple Churag, Nag Sarhi, Nag Dhamooni’s temples at Dhamoon Tibba, Seri and Damehal, Somleshwar Mahadev Soma Kothi, Tebani Mahadev, Deo Baryogi temple, Chawasi Sidh temple are some of the well-known temples.


Chindi Beautiful Place to visit.located in excess of a ridge of Karsog valley Chindi having an height 1825 Mtr. is 11 Km from Karsog on Karsog-Shimla road. It has a stunning sight of Karsog valley and mountain ranges. The place is well-known for opaque forests of Deodar and Pine and its apple orchards. A walk from side to side forest trail on the nearby hills is walker’s heaven. A temple of Chandika Mata of Pahari Style of Architecture also exist here and have good-looking wood carvings.  Mahamaya Bhuneshwari temple is located at a put named Pangna which is about 13 Km from  Chindi on Karsog-Mandi road. Mool (Original) Mahunag temple is situated at Bakhari at an height of 1850 Mtr. And is 13 Km from Chindi on Karsog-Shimla road. The temple was built in 14-15th century. Mahunag is supposed to be personification of Karan of Mahabharata. Tattapani located at a space of 53 Km from Shimla on Shimla-Karsog road have Sulphur containing hot springs which stands flooded in the false lake shaped there due to building of Kol Dam Hydro emotional scheme.


White Water Rafting.
A place called Tattapani is well-known for hot water springs on the side of Satluj River and backwaters of Kol dam.
located at a space of 53 Km from Shimla and is doorway point to Karsog Sub separation. The place is well-known for Sulphur containing hot springs which stands flooded in the false lake shaped there due to building of Kol Dam Hydro Electric scheme. 


Dhamoon nag.
Dhamoon peak is having an height of  - Mtr. A temple of Dhamooni Nag exist on the peak. The place provide a panoramic view of the peaks of Shimla, Kullu, Lahul & Spiti and Kinnaur. The place can be visited by responsibility on foot trip from Mahavan or Sianj Bagra on Karsog-Kelodhar-Seri-Sianj or Mahavan road towards Rampur Busehar. Trekking from Sianj Bagra/Mahavan to the Dhamoon peak is a exciting trip from side to side dense Deodar forests. Seri, Chirag, Mahavan, Sianj Bagra near the peak give an chance of stay in apple                                                                                       orchards and peaceful, green and clean environs.


Magru Mahadevi /Chatreshwar Mahadev Temple.Located at a space of 107 Km from Mandi via Janjehli and 155 Km via Karsog Chhatri is in one of the distant flung area of Mandi region. Chhatri is recognized for opaque Deodar forests, apple orchards and Magru Mahadev/Chatreshwar Mahadev temple. The temple is intended in Pahari Style of temple structural design. The temples is well-known for its wood skill and proceedings sequences of Ramayana & Mahabharata on this ceiling of the roof of this temple.


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