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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Typically woolen dress in Kinnaur ,Himachal Pardesh.


 woolen dress in Kinnaur.
The public of region dress typically woolen clothes. There outfits is well suitable to the weather and is creative too in its own characteristic way.Head dress: of men and women is a surrounding woolen cap called thepang in the restricted language. It is usually of light grey or of white colour with a colour velvet band on the external fold. Band of green colour is most liked. Crimson blue, yellow etc. may also be worn.Men wear woolen shirts called chamn Kurti made of woolen cloth and modified in the town. one more type of dress which the men wear is Chhuba. It is long woolen coat rather similar to an Achkan. A sleeveless woolen jacket worn outside the Chhuba. Men wear woolen churidhar pajama.Women enfold up a woolen shawl like item of clothing called dohru. The first enfold of dohru is on the back with embridered border display all through its length up to the heels. dark shades of colours are favored for dohru. Besides beautiful coloured shawls are also worn by them over their shoulders. Choli a sort of full sleeves blouse is damaged by the women. Some of them have ornamental inside layer also. though, now a days tiring of cotton/artificial salwar, kameez, pants and shirts have turn out to be well-liked with the youthful Kinnaura. The customary footwear damaged by the Kinnauras were made of wool and goat hair with sole of goat hide. though, with the way of the time the native shoes have approximately left and tiring of ready-to-wear shoes is in fashion.



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