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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Lifestyle of kinnauri peoples in Himachal Pardesh.


Lifestyle Of Kinnauri Peoples.
Usually, Kinner houses have storeroom for custody grain and dried fruits, and divide wooden grain-storage space structure, called kathar. Pakpa, a part of sheepskin or yakskin, is frequently located on the khayarcha mat.Usually Kinners use gear complete of brass and bronze. contemporary influence have built-in the foreword of Chinese crockery, and gear made of stainless steel and aluminium.Clothes are mostly of wool. The thepang, a grey woollen cap, is worn with a pallid velvet band. The Tibetan chhuba, a long woollen coat  which resemble an achkan, is damaged as well, with a sleeveless woollen jacket.

Typically Dress Of Kinnaui Peoples.
While men wear woollen churidhar pajamas, and modified woollen shirts such as the chamn kurti, the women enfold themselves up in a dohru. The first wrap of the dohru is based on the back, with embroidered borders display throughout its distance end to end, which stretch to the heels. Darker shades of colours are favored for the Dohru, though other wonderfully coloured shawls may be worn, typically drape in excess of the shoulders.

A choli, one more type of full sleeved blouse worn by women, may serve as a ornamental inside layer as well.The Kinners are secret mostly into two castes: inferior and higher caste. once more together of these category are alienated into sub classes. The caste scheme is more common in the inferior and center Kinnaur region.


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