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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Chuhar Valley In Mandi Himachal Pardesh.

Chuhar Valley In Mandi Himachal Pardesh.


Jhatingri place.
 Jhatingri is a stunning place everywhere the hills are enclosed with broad Deodar trees. The green and tranquil surroundings with good-looking landscape is nature’s reward for humankind. It was once the summer assets of Mandi State. Palaces of  King  & Queen were construct here but now only the leftovers of the old inheritance structure are left. A picturesque spot identified as Dyna Park and a spiritual place Himri Ganga linked with Lord Hurang Narayan can be visited by taking Jhatingiri-Padhar-Mandi road.


Barot Valley.Located at a altitude of 1835 meter Barot is a gorgeous place on the bank of river Uhl. It is famed for its Trout Fish Farm. It is life form operated by Fisheries section and angling meet is (JPG, 12 KB) prearranged every year. The tank of Shanan power scheme built by Britishers is situated here and adds to the scenic beauty of Barot. Barot is also the Gateway to the Nargu Wildlife refuge increase in excess of area of 278 sq. kms. It has the home of Monal, Wild Cats, Monkeys and the Black Bear. It is also the bottom for hike route to Kullu & Kangra Valleys. This area is also well-known for vegetables and pulse manufacture. It has stunning sceneries all approximately which attracts everyone. Thousands of tourists stay this place every year.

 Hurang Narayan Temple.

.Hurang Narayan Temple.
Hurang Narayan is the mainly respected god of the Chauhar Valley. This village is enclosed with broad forest. citizens can’t cut wood from this forest for their use. No one can go into in the forest with pointed arms. Smoking is forbidden in Hurang village and no one can go into (JPG, 34 KB) this village with tobacco manufactured goods. No one is also allowable to come in the village with lather resources i.e. Shoos, Belt, Purse etc. citizens of this village are follow these system from centuries ago and no one has the courage to break these rules. The temple of Hurang Narayan is made of Pahari Style and Kahika fair is detained after every 5 years in which the Nad (Priest) of Gods Hurang Narayan dies and get life once more with the authority of Gods Hurang Narayan. It is supposed that centuries ago Gods Hurang Narayan was affected with leprosy and was cure by citizens of Nad group of people. After that mishap, Kahika fair is organised in Hurang village after every 5 years in which citizens performed Chhidra to take away all their sins. It is also said that the King of Mandi State Raja Sahib Sen’s wife named Parkash Dai has no child. She prayed in Hurang Narayan temple and the Gods sanctified her with son and the name of the son was named Narayan Sen. The Gods Hurang Narayan participate in Shivatri fair and other fairs every year and the trip complete on foot. The people has the great confidence in Hurang Narayan. citizens implore to him for rain for their crops. Temples of Ghaddoni Narayan and Pashakot are other famed temples of the district.


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