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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Religion in Kinnaur Himachal Pardesh.

As affirmed on top of, the citizens of inferior Kinnaur are generally Hindus, While a number of references of Buddhism is also obvious. Their most significant gods and goddess are Durga or Chandi, Bhairon, Usha or Ukha, Narayan, Vishnu, Badrinath and Bhimakali. The Chamang and Domang in adding have their favourite deity such as Nag Devta. As well every town has its preside god. The population of middle Kinnaur are Buddhist as well as Hindu. In the northern area Buddhist power is stronger. The significant divinity of center Kinnaur are Chandi,Gauri Shankar, Kansa and Narayanjee. There are some monasteries as well the temples. The town god at Kanam worshipped by citizens of Buddhist trust is Dabla who has sure features linked with the previous Bon faith. The picture of Dabla is install alongwith those of Buddha and Guru Rinpoche (Padma Sambhava) in one of the monasteries at Kanam.

Buddhism Religion in Kinnaur.
The faith of higher Kinnaur is typically Buddhism, having the organization of Lamaism. They generally go after Mahayan Buddhism faith. approximately each town has a monastery with Lamas and jomos, who are recruit from in the middle of the Rajput (Kanet) only. A main fraction of the region is occupied by citizens profess Lama religion. While respected by the population of Nichar and Sangla tehsils, Lama faith does not have a physically powerful hold in these areas. There are Buddhist temples in lots of of the village of these area yet the group of this trust do not form a important group. In Kalpa, Moorang and Pooh tehsils Lama are consult and their services utilised in presentation of a lot of spiritual ceremony. In Nichar and Sangla people do not of necessity ask Lamas on these occasion. In the nonattendance of Brahman priests the citizens do ceremony themselves



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