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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Houses and Equipment in Kinnaur Himachal Pardesh.

Houses and Equipment.
House & Equipment in Kinnar Himachal Pardesh.
The accommodation prototype of higher Kinnaur is dissimilar from that of inferior Kinnaur .In the inferior Kinnaur the house are two storeyed and build of stone and wood. These are also slate roofs or having flat roofs made of layer of bhojpatra (tree bark) enclosed with ground. The door are frequently folding and open at home.In higher Kinnaur the houses are typically built of stone. These are flat covered and enclosed with ground. They are ill-built on explanation of the shortage of wood. The houses are two storeyed and door are small. The earth floor is used as livestock shed and upper storey for livelihood purpose. The range and pedestal area of the house depends upon the site obtainable for building. The houses are white wash in inferior as well as higher Kinnaur. as well these customary houses, now RCC houses built in contemporary design are also future up.              
Generally the household have some wooden chest for custody granule and dry fruits. In adding the majority of the houses have divide wooden grain storage space structure locally called 'Kathar'. Khayarcha is a mat used for session purpose, which is complete of goats hair. Pakpa which is skin of sheep or goat or some wild animal as frequently located on khayarcha for session. usually the citizens second-hand to use gear made of brass, bronze and aluminum. Though, now a days with the greater than before exterior get in touch with they are fast adopt the china crockery and gear made of stainless steel.



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