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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Tourist Places in Mandi Himachal Prdesh.

Tourist Places in Mandi Town.

Ghanta Ghar . 

Temple of Goddess Sidh Kali.
Past Ghanta Ghar in the center of the city was constructed in the year 1939.  (JPG, 10 KB)The three storied pagora method architechral inheritance is situated in the centre of a profitable multifaceted recognized as Indira market. The circle bell of substantial heaviness is installed in the first ground. A small park recognized as Subhash Udyan has been urbanized for calming around Ghanta Ghar and well-known temple of Goddess Sidh Kali also live at this time.

Victoria Bridge. 
Victoria Bridge is Primary bridge.

Victoria Birdge is the primary bridge of the city which connects Purani Mandi and (JPG, 11 KB) Mandi city. It was built by the ruler of Mandi, Raja Vijayi Singh Sen with help of Britishers in the year of 1877. This bridge had been construct like the execution Victoria Bridge on Tames River in England. This is construct on the method of Jhulla bridge and motionless ready for small vehicle.

Gurudwara .

Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.
Gurudwara close to Paddal earth Mandi next to NH-21 is an significant spiritual place in Mandi city. Sikh Guru Nanak Dev Ji visit Mandi and Guru Gobing Singh Ji stayed at at  (JPG, 9 KB)Bhuili for additional than six months. The building of Gurudwara of Mandi was in progress by Raja Ajbar Sen in 1527 AD and was afterward on reconstruct by Raja Joginder Sen, Rani Amrit Kaur and Dina Nath the leader Secretary of Mandi State. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was talented a lot of belongings by the Raja of Mandi which he donate these to Gurudwara. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s belongings i.e. Holy Bed, Holy Rawab, Holy Gun, Holy Gun Kuppy and Holy Talai (Matterss) are still potted in the Gurudwara. There is also an rock recognized as Kolsara in River Beas on which Guru Gobind Singh Sahib second-hand to contemplate daily throughout his stay in Mandi.

Picture Art balcony . 
Art Gallary.

About 5 Km from Mandi city on NH-21 towards Kullu a picture art balcony exist and traveler visiting the district can fall in for a number of time to have a sight of the past and significant places of Himachal from the photograph and artefacts display in the painting balcony.

Kamlah Fort.

Beautiful Fort.
 The fort of Kamlahgarh is the mainly well-known & unbeatable fort of Mandi State and is located near the border of previous Kangra State in Sandhole Tehsil. The fort is in information a group of six forts and these are increase over an region of 360 Bighas of earth. The fort was construct about four hundred years. The building of the fortification was in progress throughout the time in power of Raja Hari Sen (1605-1637) and was finished by his son Raja Suraj Sen.
  The fort is a sole instance of person attempt and structural plan. It might be under enemy control for the primary time in 1840 by Sikhs though its control was regained in 1846 by the ruler of Mandi State with the help of the British. At the top of the fort the well-known temple of Baba Kamlahiya is located. The place have panoramic sight of far-away places of Mandi, Kangra and Hamirpur Districts.The fort is looked following by verbal communication & educational section of the State Government. ‘Kharak Bijni’ standard in the fort is an instance of extraordinary metal skill. There were 22 wells for the stipulation of water in the fort out of which 7 are still secure.

Laghoo Haridwar Kandapattan.

Very Spiritual Place.
This very old spiritual place is located on the flowing together of Beas and Son rivers where the temple of Neel Kanth Mahadev of  Mahabharata era live. citizens from Sarkaghat, Joginder Nagar and Sandhole area still come there for creamation. For the calm of departed souls  the earthly leftovers are obtainable at Kandapattan and for this cause the place is also recognized as Laghoo Haridwar. Near the Dharampur city well-known temple of Sheetla Mata is situated.


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