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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Monasticism in kinnaur Himachal Pradesh.

Kanet boys, who study the Tibetan scriptures and are well versed in Buddhist doctrines, are called Lamas. Similarly the Kanet girls, who do not marry, but dedicate their time to the study of Tibetan scriptures are called Zomos or Jomos. They live in nunneries. The two main nunneries are at Kanam and Sunnam and in these a huge information of Zomos live. As well this, approximately each town had few Zomos. The Lamas live in the monasteries and are look ahead as very holy. In fact they are the priests of all the Kanets.

Lama Religion in Kinnaur.
There are numerous monasteries of these Lamas in Kanam, Sunnam and other village. Lamas are also Gyolong or Celibate like the Brahmchari or Dugpu, who marry but never shave. The head Lama is consult with look upon to significant responsibility occupied by citizens profess Lama religion. While respected by the population of Nichar and Sangla tehsils, Lama faith does not have a physically powerful hold in these area                                                       
There are Buddhist temples in lots of of the village of these area yet the group of this trust do not form a important group. In Kalpa, Moorang and Pooh tehsils Lama are consult and their services utilised in presentation of a lot of spiritual ceremony. In Nichar and Sangla people do not of necessity ask Lamas on these occasion. In the nonattendance of Brahman priests the citizens do ceremony themselves



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