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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Food Habits in Kinnaur Himachal Pardesh.

Food Habits.
The clip food is wheat, ogla, phafra and barley which are restricted create. as well these kankani, cheena, maize, chollair and bathu are also taken. The main pulse consumed are peas, black peas, mash and rajmash. The vegetables typically inspired are cabbage, turnips, peas, beans, pumpkin, potato, lady finger and tomato as well some close by obtainable wild green vegetables leaves. They relish rice too which is import from the plains. Taking a salty tea called cha in the morning and evening is very well-liked in the middle of the Kannauras which is more often than not in use the length of with, made of dry barley flour.
They are non-vegetarian and enjoy goat and ram's meat. captivating of intoxicating drinks in their day to day life and also on the ritual or celebratory occasion is fairly ordinary in the middle of them. Alcohol is distill at the family level. It is complete out of fruits like grapes, apple, pear etc. grown-up nearby and of barley. The Kannauras are very fond of music, dance and singing.


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