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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Geography Of Mandi Himachal Pardesh.

Geography Of Mandi.

The region is located flanked by 31-13-50 and 32-04-30 north leeway and 76-37-20 and 77-23-15 east longitude. It is surrounded by Kangra on the north-west, Hamirpur & Bilaspur in the west, Arki tehsil of Solan district in the south, Shimla district in the south-west and Kullu district in the east. The region has 2 main rivers viz. the Beas and the Satluj. The river Beas enters the district from close to Bajaura, at the border of Kullu and foliage the district at Sandhol. The Mandi city is also situated on the banks of this river. For the better fraction of it’s distance end to end, it runs flanked by high banks and as it is of by no means huge width, the present is speedy, particularly throughout the rains. almost the entire of the region drains into the Beas with only the south-east bend located on the Satluj watershed.


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