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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fair and Festivals in Kinnaur Himachal Pardesh.


Sazo Fair.
This fair is experiential in the month of January. On this day the citizens take their bathtub in the usual spring and few still go to Satluj river for bathing if they occur to exist close to the river. Poltus, rice, pulses, vegetables, meat, halva, chilta and pug are the main tableware ready on this time. In the morning the family god is worship with the food apart from meat. The fireside is also worship near Noon time, the divinity is bring out and worshiped with wine and halwa A fold dance is held. after that the deity is supposed to have gone to Kinner Kailash

Phagul or Suskar.

Phagul Or Suskar Fair.It is famous in the month of February/March. In this fair the sprit of Kanda (Peaks) call Kali is mostly worship, the festival last concerning a fornight and is famous all in excess of Kinnaur. Every day of the fair is call by dissimilar name and more than a few odd function are detained each day. On the last day a banquet is ready and citizens adoration kali on the roof of the houses and then partake of the foodstuff. It is supposed that following the purpose and fair are famous with filled enthusiasm Kali the strength feel glad and bless the villagers with wealth and abundance in the pending years.

Baisakhi or Beesh.

Baisakhi Or Beesh.It is famous in the month of April. The villagers get ready food like Poltu, Halwa and Keyshid. The picture of the goddess is bring out of the temple and a fair is detained in the Santang. It is an time to get jointly and to dance and drink. This fair script the end of chill period also. New woolen clothes are worn from the fur spun throughout the winter.


Dakhraini Fair.This fair is famous in the month of the July. On this day a banquet is serve. The god is bring out and the villagers dance previous to her. Zongor and loskar plants are bring from the kand peak and their garland are obtainable to the goddess. following this these plants are dispersed in the middle of the villagers. One or two member from the family where passing away strength have occur before this fair go to the peak of the hill and ofter some food and fruits to shepherd in memory of the dead soul. A pallid standard on which some Buddhist mantras are written is fix there as a kind of prayer for the peace of dead soul.

Flaich Ukhayang.

Flaich Ukhayang Fair In Kinnaur.It is a fair of flowers famous in the month of September. This fair is famous through the Kinnaur District on dissimilar dates. Usually citizens rejoice it on the hill peaks near their villages. The township divinity lead by group is approved to the put of in procession. One he-goat is sacrifice. A fair is held all through the day. Flowers of shuloo which have been bring from peaks for this reason are woven into garlands. At the end of the fair these garlands are offered to the deity. Immediately after that the public escort the deity to the township decorated with flowers. The citizens sing and dance on the go back                                                                         trip.


Losar Fair In Kinnaur.Loser is famous in the month of December to greeting the new year. On this day in the morning a particular training of parched barley varied with butter milk is in use by all the relations member and they place on garland of chilgoza visit to the neighbours and friends are reciprocated and greetings of losuma tashi meaning happy new year are exchange. As the old human being betow their losuma shalkid or blessing. Two or three days previous to the losar festival khepa is experiential. On this day it is usual to get small twigs of a throny bush and place it on the doors. It is destined to district off wickedness feelings. On the next day these throny brushwood are detached and terrified distant absent from the township and a banquet follows in the night.

Tribal Festival.

Tribal Festival Tribal fair is being famous since 1994 from 30 October to 2nd November every year at District Headquarter Reckong Peo and this fair has been affirmed as State Level festival and has been famous since 1987 under dissimilar names like Janjatiya Utsav, Phulaich Utsav and also as Tribal fair. This fair not only depict the view of rich civilization inheritance of district but also provide an chance to the restricted citizens to sell/show their horticulture/farming create, handiwork and artifact. as well the Kinnauri civilization groups, participants from additional districts/states also there and do culture programmes symbolising national addition and brotherhood.



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