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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Temples & Monastries in Kinnaur Himachal Pardesh.

Chandika Temple Kothi.
Khoti temple in kinnaur.
A attractive temple devoted to goddess Chandika, extra particularly chosen as Shuwang Chandika has increase the celebrity of township Kothi in better fraction of the district.The restricted public grasp the goddess in huge respect and think her to be one of the the majority influential goddess. For desire of communal get in touch with by the restricted public with their additional higher and brahmin ridden brethren they have evolve their possess odd process of rite and adoration to this preside divinity. There is an image of gold, seated in an ark. It is dance up and descending by four citizens at the occasion of love.
Her fable go that she was the progeny of the evil person devta Banaasur who preside in excess of the Kinnaur. He had 18 sons and daughters. Chandika was the eldest amongst all. She preside in excess of Sairag the spirit of Kinnaur. But establish her grasp on the region was not so simple. The thakur of Chini lined Sairag by means of a help of a influential fiend. To beat this opponent, Chandika took the help of a slyness feminine family member call Byche. Byche dupe the fiend into insertion his extended hair flanked by the grind gravel of a water mill. Then Chandika spring on the powerless huge and detached his head with her sword. But a new head immediately replaced the old. Repeated swishes of her sword only bring onward more grin face. aggravated and exhausting, Chandika was soon in risk of drown in the sea of blood shaped by her events. abandonment her arrogance, she appear to her brothers for help. Chagaon Maheshwar respond and tell her to slay the life behind insect, balanced over the demon head. Chandika maintains her leader house at Kothi in the center of Sairag.
Mathi Temple at Chhitkul.
Mathi is the restricted goddess of the public of chhitkul have three temples the major one said to have been construct concerning five hundred years ago by a occupant of Garhwal. The four-sided figure ark of the goddess is complete of walnut wood and is enclosed with clothes and surmount by a tuft of yak tail. Two pole called bayanga are insert into it by income of which it is approved. Her fable go that she in progress from Brindavan and transitory from side to side Mathura and Badri Nath reached Tibet. later she came to Garhwal, and via Sirmour reach Sarhan in Bushahr and in the end reach the Barua Khad. Beyond Barua Khad she establish the country separated into seven parts. The god of Shaung village was Narenas, her nephew. She chosen him to protector the territory.Then she proceeded to Chasu village. There too she chosen the Narenas of Chasu, her nephew as a protector. Then she visit the Kamru fort where her husband Badri Nath, was a protector of the throne of Bushahr. She additional went to Sangla where her another nephew, Barang Nag, was accountable for conservation the Rupin Ghati. After that she proceed to Batseri village, where Badri Nath of Batseri, her husband was accountable for guard a put name Dhumthan. Thence forward she at home at Rakchham where Shanshares, yet one more nephew was chosen as a protector of Dhumthan. lastly she at home at Chhitkul and established there enduringly presumptuous the in general blame of conservation the seven division. following her influx, public had abundance of food, animals had enough lawn and the township begin to good. She had also a pujares. In the morning the pujares take away water from the near coil and adoration deity by on fire anger, As musical instrument are played by Domangs.
 Maheshwar Temple at Sungra.
The portal of Maheshwar temple of Sungra have excellent timber panel on also side. deeply cut imagery of famous Hindu deity are a luxury for the art historian. On the eastern partition are panel depict the Vishnu Avatars and the sign of the Hindu zodiac. The friezes on the attic are good-looking and the building arround the temple patio are likewise embellished . A small mineral holy place of eighth century stand a short space from the temple doorway, evidence of the site's antiquity. The Sungra Maheshwar was on one occasion said to have been attack by an opponent of phenomenal strength, often linked to the Pandava hero, Bhima. Bhima hurled a huge boulder at the temple from the ton tops crossways the Satluj. The Maheshwar deflect the projectile to one side. It at the present lies close to the road, a small method from the temple and still shelters the alpine flowers found only in the high mountains.

Chango Temples at Chango.
Chango has three temples. In inferior Chango, the red ramparts of Rinchen Zangpo temple stand out atop a little promontory  but contain little of note. near, the village temple, in more usual use as a put of worship, has a big prayer helm, clay idols and modern wall paintings. A big picture of Avalokiteshwara, rudely imprinted in mineral, lies on the trail flanked by these two shrine. It was establish in some out of the way and the monks decided to place it in a temple but the combined strength of many men was inadequate to lift the mineral. Then the there site was although. The temple in higher Chango is the greatest reserved but of comparatively new vintage. close up by, a new entreaty hall, library and visitor rooms are approaching conclusion. crossways the Chango stream, balanced on top of yellow, alkaline cliffs, is an big compilation of spiritual buildings.                                                                                        

Rarang Monastery at Rarang.
Tashi Temple.
Now exterior Rarang, on the Thopan side is the recently build Monastery of Tashi Choeling. This new monastery has approach in the wake of post-1960 Tibetan influence from the Drugpa sect. Close to the monastery are older dwelling and temples, amalgamation into the rocky outside of a rocky mountain side. These older unit are traced to Nyingmapa adherents.

 Durga Temple at Ropa.                      
Durga Temple At Ropa.
There is a Durga temple at Ropa also recognized as the Chandika temple. Chandika had apportion to herself this half-arid area when she alienated Kinnaur in the middle of her brothers and sisters. Her temple at Ropa, a new arrangement with a unbreakable strengthen real frame, is an architectural malapropism.
Charang Temple.
Charang Temple in Kinnaur.Now further than Charang is a temple of the eleventh century recognized as Rangrik Tungma multifaceted. The temple takes its name from the divinity Rangrik Tungma and her small metal picture, astride a horse is the oldest at the temple. In all probability Rangrik Tungma have to contain be a pre-Buddhist god, engrossed into the pantheon of the afterward trust. Two other figurine statue come into view to be of substantial worth; a Maitreya seat with legs pendant, in bhadrasana and a Buddha in bhumisparsha mudra. The ramparts of the major entry are connected with soil idol, in the similar method as the mandala in the dukhang at Tabo. The wall painting below are old though the helm of life exterior the door has been redo Vrecently. There is too an attractive save of ivory and bonehandled knife and daggers at the temple.Aa lot of centuries ago, it is supposed a thief bunch of criminals from crossways the Tibetan border raided the temple. The soil imagery of defensive deity at the entry set up a great sound, like the thunder hooves of gallop livestock. The great robber droped their arms and take off, association up valley to vanish in the crevasses of the huge glaciers watercourse downward from the high climax on top of. 

 Brelengi Gompa at Brelengi near Peo

Brelengi Gompa.
Close to Reckong Peo in Brelengi there is a Buddhist Monastery also known as the Brelengi gompa.This is an imposing contemporary Buddhist edifice. The monastery of Mahabodhi civilization was construct particularly for the Dalai Lama to do the Kalachakra rite in 1992. Next to the monastery is a 10 meter figurine of the rank Buddha, which is able to be seen from a substantial coldness.


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