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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Place to visit in Hamirpur Himachal Pardesh.

Sujanpur Tira.

sujanpur tira picnic spot.
 It was found by Raja Abhay Chand, the king of decision Katoch family of Kangra in 1748 A.D. There is a crypt of Nawab Gulam Mohammed of Rampur. There are five old temples at Tira and Sujanpur. Bara-dari (Court Room) of Raja Sansar Chand at Sujanpur.The temple devoted to Gauri Shankar was build throughout the occasion of Raja Sansar Chand in 1793 A.D. in the holy reminiscence of his mother. The place of worship of Murli Manohar and Narbadeshwar (built by Pransani Devi, The Suketi rani of Raja Sansar Chand) were also builit in this time in 1970 and 1823 A.D. in that order. additional temples of standing are the Mahadev temple, Devi and Vyasheshwar devoted to Rishi Vyas) temple. Obreen’s horses serious ( he was Raja Sansar Chand’s commander) is also located in Sujanpur. This country was first visit by a German, named ‘Traveck’ and then by a British traveller named ‘Moorcraft’. Sujanpur place is appropriate for escapade sports like Paragliding, Angling, Rafting and trekking in and approximately this region.


Nadaun in Himachal.
 In generous days, it is second-hand to be the head office of the Nadaun Jagir, Maharaja Sansar Chand of Kangra second-hand to grasp his courtyard throughout summer for a figure of year throughout his time in power. Nadaun is also Known for Bilkleshwar Mahadev temple which is supposed to be contain been founded by the Pandavs. Nadaun FortNadaun is well-known for its good-looking citizens and a Gurudwara found in A.D. 1929. Nadaun was a gay place, throughout the time in power of Sansar Chand II. There was a proverb present in Kangra hill (Who that comes to Nadaun will not go away). This is explain by the information that there were two hundred live and dancing girls at Nadaun and whoever come under the magic charm of these enchantresses by no means consideration of leaving. therefore writes Ghulam Mohiuddin in Tarikh-i Punjab. It is peaceful town with a good Rest House, an Old Palace and Shiva temple. The fortress structure at Amtar still house some of the painting of that time. Jawalajee temple is also not very far and can be visited from here. This place provides outstanding amenities for Mahaseer fish in the Beas River graceful close by. one more magnetism is the river rafting from this place to Dehra and further. There are good-looking camp site for anglers.

Deotsidh Temple.

baba balak nath temple . It is located on the edge of Bilaspur (70 Kms), Hamirpur (30 Kms) and is fit linked by roads from all sides.  icon of Shri Baba Balak Nath ji, Deotsidh Hamirpur (H.P.)throughout Navratras, there is a incessant watercourse of guests to take delivery of blessings of the Babaji. Government makes arrangements for stay in tented colonies and provides water, toilets and other essential services. extra somewhere to live and fitting of cord way to Shah - Talai is predictable to catch the attention of more tourists. This temple is one of the main income earning institutions of the Himachal state and is visited by nearly 45 lakhs of devotees crossways the country each year. ‘Mela’s are prearranged throughout Holi fair. Sunday is careful favorable day of Babaji and as a result attracts huge devotees on this day.

markanda river.
 It is situated in district Hamirpur, 6 KM away from Dera parol on the bank of Kunah Khad is the place of Markandya Rishi. According to Puranas, it is present that the icon of Rishi Markandya was installed. A usual water coil is also situated there. The fair of markanda is also well-known.


Hospital at Bhota, Hamirpur It is situated on Dharamshala-Shimla road at a distance of 15 KMs. from Hamirpur towards Bilaspur. The place is well-known for Radha Swami Satsang and one of the biggest charitable hospital of the state have been constructed by the same spiritual trust.

Narvdeshwar Temple. 

Narvdeshwar temple.
Narvdeshwar Temple is located in the Sujanpur town. It was got built by the leader queen of Maharaja Narvdeshwar Temple at SujanpurSansar Chand. Artists belonging to the court of Raja has haggard bright and gorgeous movies pertaining to Ramayana, Mahabharta & Bhagwat Puran and also of untamed animals and birds.  The temple has been constructed in the open ground. There are little temples constructed approximately the main temple of Sun, Durga, Ganesh, Laxmi Naryana and Mahisasur Mardini. The temple is in excess of two hundred years old built in Bhitti method.

Bil-kaleshwar Temple.

Temple Of God Shiva.
 This temple of God Shiva is located at a distance of 5 km on the Nadaun- Sujanpur road at the gathering place of Beas river and Kunah Khad. This temple is concerning more than 400 years old. In the month of ‘Baishakh’ ( May-June), throughout the mela big figure of devotees visit this place to have a sight of Shivling. According to the very old grape-vine, the building of this temple was in progress by the ‘Pandavas’ of ‘Mahabharatha’ celebrity with the help of Vishva-Karma in the night during their clandestine banish. But the building of the temple was dump by ‘Pandavas’ as they were dotted by the restricted citizens. afterward on, this temple was constructed by the King of Katoch family. This pilgrimage place is careful as holy as Haridwar in Uttaranchal. The people who are not capable to visit Haridwar, submerge the earthly leftovers of their relations, in the holy water of this place.

Murli Manohar Mandir.

Lord krishna &Radha Temple.
It is located in the past chowgan of Sujanpur Tira. Murali Manohar Temple at Sujanpur.This place of worship is extremely aged and is constructed in "Shikar Style". imagery of Lord Krishna and Radha are located in it. The timber work is enclosed with statue of sole scenes. There is an open patio near the temple where imagery of dissimilar Gods and Goddesses are located. This temple was constructed throughout the time in power of Maharaj Sansar Chand.                                                                                                                          
Tauni-Devi Temple.

Tauni Devi Mandir.The temple of goddess Tauni- Devi is located on the Hamirpur- Awah devi road at a distance of  about 12 km from Hamirpur. The temple is additional than 200 years old and a pale is detained throughout the month of Asharh (June- July). A big figure of people visit this temple throughout the fair. This goddess is careful as the sister of goddess Durga. People visit this place to get free of raining period deceases. The temple is well managed by a local committee.

Baba Balak Nath.  

Sidh Baba Balak Nath Temple.This temple is located in village Chakmoh of region Hamirpur. It is 45 Kilometers from Hamirpur and is on the edge of Hamirpur and Bilaspur districts. It is one of well-known temples of the Northern India. A sight of Baba Balak Nath Temple at DeotSidhIt is located on the pinnacle of a superb hill. There is a cavern imprinted out of a astound which is affirmed to be the house of Babaji. An icon of Babaji is placed in this cave. The devotees offer ‘Rot’ prepared with floor and Sugar / Gur at the altar of Babaji. a number of of the devotees offer goats. admission of females in the cavern is prohibited. There is a raised stage just conflicting to the cavern from where the females can have ‘Darshan’ of Babaji. Six kilometers from this place of worship, there is a place called Shah-talai anywhere Baba is said to have skillful reparation. There is a faith that is ‘Sidh Baba Balak Nath Temple Trust’ that keeps a timepiece on the performance of the temple. ‘Mela’s are prearranged throughout Holi fair. Sunday is careful favorable day of Babaji and as a result attracts huge devotees on this day.

Awah-Devi Temple.

Awah Devi.
 The temple Jalpa Devi (Awah Devi) is located in tehsil Bhoranj on Hamirpur- Sarkaghat road at a distance of 24 km from Hamirpur. Mandir is located in the good-looking nearby on the pinnacle of a hill. This place serves as a well known connection since roads pending from Bilaspur, Mandi, Kangra and Una pass from side to side this place. This temple is over 250 years aged and is managed by a local group. As per the restricted story, the citizens of Mandi region required to take the icon of goddess to their place. As they were transport the icon to their place, they misplaced their eyesight. When they twisted back, their eyesight was re-stored. At the last they were compulsory to place the icon at that place from anywhere they were in use it. Since then, the restricted citizens have de-confidence in the goddess. the majority of the people adoration this goddess as their family goddess (Kul-devi). Every year big number of devotees visit this temple and implore for satisfying their needs.  environmental review of India, has selected this place ( hill of                                                                         temple ) as utmost height for the District Hamirpur.

Gasota Mahadev Temple.

Shiv Mahadev Temple.
  Shiv Mahadev temple Gasota is over 400 Shiv Mahadev temple at Gasota 20 years ago.hundred years old and is located on Hamirpur- Jahoo road at a distance of  8 km from Hamirpur.  A pale is held on 1st Monday of ‘Jeshtha’  month (last May) every year. This fair is also recognized by the person's name of cattle fair Gasota. People and traders visit this place throughout mela to have sight of Shiv- linga and for advertising and trade of livestock. This is very good-looking place. usual water streams run on both sides of the temples which adds to its loveliness. A cow hut and inn has been built in the temple multifaceted to make easy visitors. The                                                                                               temple is managed by the local panchayat.

Jhanyari Devi Temple.
Durga devi mandir.
Jhanyari devi (Durga) temple is located on the Hamirpur- Nadaun road at a distance of 6 km from Hamirpur. This temple is extra than 200 years old and is managed by a local group. Every year on the eve of ‘Jeshth- Shukla’ ‘ashtami’ a pale is detained here. Jhanyari devi templeDuring this period local citizens and people from off places visit this temple. It is past temple since it is supposed that king of Katoch family used to adoration this Goddess as kul- devi (ancestral goddess). According to the aged saying, the Goddess heading for king belonging to Katoch Dynasty in the dream to establish here a temple within his temple complex. The king go to transport the icon of goddess accompany by a enormous procession with a palanquin (palki). When the procession reached the purpose and located the palanquin on the soil to get the idol of Goddess. But when they in progress exciting palanquin, they might not do so as its heaviness greater than before extremely. As a result  of that the procession along with the king had to stay there. During the night in the dream the goddess told the king that once palanquin is lifted to fetch the goddess, it be supposed to not be located on land. therefore the icon be supposed to be recognized at the same place where the there temple is situated.

Kalanjari Devi.

Kalanjari Mata Mandir.
 The temple of mother Kalanjari devi is located on the Hamirpur- Awah devi road at a distance of about 6 km from district Hamirpur. This temple is additional than 200 years old. big number citizens and saints visit this temple to seek the blessings of this goddess. each year throughout the month of ‘Asharh’ (June- July) a huge fair is detained here. A large figure of people visit this temple in the expect of that their needs will be fullfilled by the goddess.

Gurudwara sahib Nadaun.

Gurudwara sahib Nadaun.

 Shri Gurudwara Saheb10th Patshahi is located at Nadaun in District Hamirpur at a very good-looking put at the bank of Beas river. This Gurudwara is managed by the Shiromani Gurudwara organization group Amritsar, Punjab. There exists good agreement for the at ease wait for the guests at this place. It is a past Gurudawara. According to the past Shri Guru Gobind Singh has fight second fight of his existence which he has described in 10th Granth ‘Nadaun Jang’. The fight was fought on 4th April 1891. The first fight was fought flanked by Shri Guru Gobind  Singh and king of Bilaspur near Bhagani Pavnta Saheb. Second fight was fought by Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji  with Mughals on the invite of head of hilly king Shri Bhim Singh king of Bilaspur. Guru Gobind Singh came to fight the fight along with a collection of 500 Sikhs with Mughals lead by Alfa Khan Hussain. Mughals were beaten in this fight. Shri Guru Gobind Singh stayed at this place for eight days following the fight.

Peer- Saheb Grave. 

Peer saheb grave.
 Peer Saheb Grave is located at a distance of 1 and ½ km absent from Nadaun sub-separation on the way of Nadaun- Hoshiarpur road at village ‘Bharmoti’, tehsil Nadaun district Hamirpur. This serious is 30 km away from Hamirpur. According to the local the past, Sai Fazal Shah was very well-liked saint for this region. citizens have  their blind confidence winning him as he left his figure of  strange things throughout his life, by which he became very well-liked in the middle of citizens. A large ‘Bhandara’  is prearranged in the last month of ‘Magh’ (2nd  week of February). A wrestling rivalry is also prearranged here. King of Katoch family Sansar Chand was also very much frightened by his secrecy. Sansar Chand king of Katoch family had constructed a serious here.


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