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Friday, 3 June 2016

History of Sirmaur Himachal Pardesh .

Origin of the Name
Churdhar, Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh
Concerning the origin of the name, ”Sirmour” there are fairly a a small number of surmise.  Single sight life form that the condition resulting its name as Sirmour since of the   senior place it held  amongst  the  generous hill  states. One more account is that at the first era the   assets of the state was at Sirmour and the state was so called after the name of the assets. But, how the utterance Sirmour originate is not recognized. Third account life form that the  state was  found by  Raja  Rasaloo of Jaisalmer whose one of the  ancestor’s  name was Sirmour and who belong to Rasaloo relations.  further than this, not anything exact is noticeable.
Legends of Sirmour.

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The fable go that throughout the first the past of Sirmour State when Raja Madan Singh second-handto rule, a woman meaningful,necromancy obtainable previous to the Raja and talk concerning her gymnastic ability. Raja life form vulnerable concerning it, promise her half of his kingdom  if she display her skill by journey over the river Giri by income of gymnastic cord. To his shock, she succeed in journey and when she was recurring on the cord one of the courtiers of the Raja emotion anxious, cut the rope and as a result the woman was drown in the river.  This deceit on the part of Raja resulted in a deluge, which sweep the city, and the                                                                                        whole type family unit rotten send-off the condition                                                                                         without  a ruler.

Churdhar Shirgul Maharaj (Himachal Pradesh)
One account go that on this condition o relationships, the subject of the Sirmour State approach the Raja of Jaisalmer to give one of his sons as the monarch of the condition, which was approved and sent one of his sons who as crown as Raja of Sirmour.  According to one more account, in concerning 1097 AD, Raja of Jaisalmer, Ugar Sen who happen to call Hardwar on pilgrimage and on trial the throne empty in the near by state sent his son Soba Rawal who under enemy control and recognized his realm with the assets at Rajban captivating the name of Subans Parkash.  He lined the state uptil 1099 AD and thus following 4 years of rule he expire.   Ever as, the name “Parkash” in the generous relations of Sirmour sustained till to-day and up till the date of slip of paramountcy the same  dynasty sustained to rule Sirmour State.  Malhi Parkash ruled the state from 1108 AD to 1117 AD.  He was a man of bottomless spiritual and generous nature.  He fought fight with the Raja of Sirinagar of Garhwal and wrested from him the fortification of Malda.  His successor Udit Parkash ruled from 1121 to 1127 AD who distorted his capital from Rajban to Kalsi in Dehra Dun or else his era was not much exciting.  Downward the polite in the line, come the name of Somar Parkash who lined the state from 1149 AD to 1158 AD, who conquered the fort of Ratesh in Kenothal state and made it his capital.  But, Suraj Parkash who lined from 1158 AD to 1169 AD, returned his capital to Kalsi at which point his subject shocked next to him and his daughter was kill in the procedure of defensive the fort.   trial this news, Suraj Parkash return from Kalsi and passive the rebels and also conquer the Thakurs of Jubbal, Balsan, Kumharsain, Ghond, Sahri, Theog, Sahriand Kotgarh and compulsory them to pay compliment.  Next century in the the past of Sirmour state maybe passed on without incident.  Though, the era of Jagat Parkash from 1342 to 1356 was recognized for its mal-management with the consequence the aforementioned Thakurs once more shocked next to the suzerainty.  His son Bir Parkash who take over the time in power of state in 1356 Ad and lined till 1366 AD was an lively monarch and compressed the rebellion of the unhappiness connection of Rawin and Jubbal States.


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